Nilda Sessler

Nilda Maldonado Sessler–

A lifelong student of metaphysics, Nilda, has been doing trance-channeling work for more than 30 years. She has taken the Bodhisattva vow and despite physical and relationship challenges has worked to remain faithful to living with rather than against Divine Will and striving for the manifestation of goodness in thought, word and deed.

As part of her material expression, Nilda has worked extensively with at-risk youth and continues to provide care, comfort and support to children in grief. She is a published author/editor and experienced dream interpreter who has provided workshops on dream interpretation, issues around violence against women and children and why cultural competency matters when working with school and low income populations.

You can contact Nilda Sessler at (352) 425-2500 or

About Nilda’s Workshop:

Metaphysical Toolkit: First Aid Techniques for the Troubled Soul

Despite our best intentions life often throws curve balls at us.  Although, we may be able to acknowledge that we play a part in creating our own unhappiness and lack of ease or dis-ease, we still need to find ways to feel better.  Creating solutions, or just surviving the waves of events, challenging people or situations in our lives requires that we be able to renew and revitalize ourselves for the continuing conflicts until we achieve clarity and resolution.  First Aid Techniques for the Troubled Soul will provide a series of techniques that can be used anywhere to release the negative charge of challenging emotions and situations and transmute and release the emotions that often keep us from feeling good.