Michael Isam

Rev. Dr. Michael T. Isam began his Spiritual Quest in 1979 at Tzaddi Church and School of Metaphysics in Seattle, WA. where he began his studies to become a minister.
With the closing of the school he started his studies with New Horizons Church where he gained his Ministerial credentials and in 1981, he was awarded his Doctor of Divinity.  He continues with New Horizons Church today in the capacity of Secretary and oversees communications with the ministers world wide.  He is also the webmaster.
He became a counselor in 1982 and is certified to counsel in a wide range of areas.  His unique style of mixing humor with the seriousness is a refreshing and welcome change to the picture many hold of a counseling session.
His Ministry has allowed him to travel across the United States leading workshops in personal growth, and communications.  His experience as a Vietnam Veteran has allowed him to provide assistance and counseling to veterans of all eras.
He has studied and worked with many diverse peoples that include the Native American elders in the lands of the Hopi.
In 2004, he broadened his horizons by becoming a co-host on “Wings with Angel and Brian” on WFCF radio in St. Augustine, FL.