Madeline Day

Rev. Dr. Mary Madeline Day is a mother, a wife and an Enlightenment Catalyst. Rev. Day serves by being a catalyst, a bridge between worlds, showing how others can shift beliefs and patterns, create and live in en-light-enment. Living life to the fullest potential, on every level while taking 100% responsibility; co-creating their dreams. She helps others discover their Divinity within, their True Self. The work is presented on different vibrational levels dependent upon the belief and trust of the recipient.

She has been honing her skills since childhood by being a seeker of truth in Life, God, and Spirituality. Rev. M. Madeline started her journey in her metaphysical studies at an early age by reading the mythology of the Vikings and the bible, which has since expanded to a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical books, courses, DVDs etc. Her childhood was filled with amazing spiritual experiences!

In her early 20’s, she came to the US from Norway, and learned about meditation and realized she had been doing it her whole life. Rev. Day dived into metaphysics and quantum physics, learning from other masters. Through her over 30 years of study, she has become very knowledgeable in visualization and meditation techniques. Rev. Day has studied the practices of Jose Silva; Silva Life System and Silva Mind Control, Burt Goldman; “ The American Monk”, Course in Miracle, Kryon, Lightworker, Crimson Circle, Abraham-Hicks; Law of Attraction, to name a few.

She has been in a loving relationship with her husband for over 21 years and healed herself from Ulcerative Colitis (by using meditation, acupuncture, qigong, nutrition, EFT, PSYCH-K, Theta-Tapping). Living and traveling in different countries, has contributed to her own growth, and she found that no matter where you come from or live, everyone is seeking peace and happiness through exploration of life.  In 2002, she left graphic art’s to serve and pursue her spiritual journey full time.

She is an ordained minister through the Alliance of Divine Love and received her Doctorate through New Horizon Church. Her expertise includes PSYCH-K®, EFT, Dimensional Meditation, Theta-Tapping, EST, HAP, Intuitive readings, art, amongst others.

To book a session with Madeline Day, call (352) 260-2758.

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