Lisa Remy

Lisa Remy provides a loving, nurturing environment in which deep healing can occur on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual).  She provides services and offers tools which increase self-awareness and assist clients in achieving realization of their own personal power and potential.


Massage Therapy ~ Lisa works with many athletes and treats sports injuries, scar tissue adhesions, and post-surgery healing.  Lisa also enjoys offering relaxation massage.

Reiki ~ Experience deep relaxation; address physical and emotional concerns; heal past traumas.

Yoga and Meditation ~ Connect body, mind and spirit; increase strength and flexibility; increase focus and clarity; relax; individual sessions, group classes, and workshops.

Ayurveda ~ Consultations, workshops, and therapies such as Shirodhara

Ministerial Services ~ Spiritual Counseling; Weddings, Funerals, and other Ceremonies.

Transformative Life Coach ~ Break through your own self created barriers to create the life you desire.

Dream Workshops ~ Gain insights into current patterns and states of consciousness through the exploration of your dreams in a group atmosphere.

Lisa’s own personal healing journey has led her to becoming a talented practitioner whose skills are wide in scope.  For an appointment , call Lisa at 352 870-2218.  You can also visit her website for additional information at