Alisha Mishell

Alisha Mishell is a professional Astrologer, Hot Yoga teacher and full time Mother. She began her own healing journey in 1993 when a series of experiences opened her to realm of Eastern Medicine, Lucid Dreaming and Chakra Balancing. Being raised in a strict Christian environment, a reconciliation of all perceived opposites truly commenced.  In the mid 90’s, Alisha was teaching English to junior high students in Arizona when she began profiling her students and their parents with the ancient science of Astrology as a way to facilitate healing and better communication for education purposes.
She became an intuitive guide for people of all walks of life, first as a part time hobby then a full time career by 2004.

Alisha has been called a Transformational and Esoteric Astrologer as she assist her clients by bringing awareness to their subconscious patterns and karmic residue while clarifying their innate gift and attributes. She has a gift for interpreting charts from both a personality (Exoteric) and a soul (Esoteric) point of view.

She is a professional Astrologer in Seattle Washington and has been making regular radio appearances for the over 2 and a half years in Seattle, Boulder and Sarasota Florida.

**Alisha is an Artist, Dancer and Yoga teacher, as well as having a back ground in Education, Energy Medicine, Natural Health, Theta Healing, Rife Technology, and Training with Jeff Baker at the Heart of Elijah Healing and Learning Institute.

A message from Alisha Mishell- Transformational Astrologer & Scientific Mystic

I am delighted to share this Ancient Science with ALL who are open receptive and ready to remember their connection to the Cosmos. We are ALL “Consciousness Conductors” and we have many opportunities to grow and evolve Spiritually, Emotionally, Intellectually and Psychologically through out  out life time.  It is my intention to teach you to recognize the energetic cause and effect principles at work in your life and to  assist you to confront subconscious patterns that may be undermining your progress on any of these levels of Being.

My clients and colleagues fondly  refer to me as a “Scientific Mystic” and a Transformational Astrologer. My passion is to remind you HOW you are personally connected to the Cosmos  utilizing your Astrological Dynamics. The other aspect of my work is to bring awareness to subconscious patterns and karmic residue and  clarify  Your  innate gift and attributes.  I interpret natal charts from both a personality (Exoteric) and a soul (Esoteric) point of view.